20 Years Warranty  50 Years Life Expectancy  Time Saving  Self-Adhered  Eco-Friendly  Durable 

PeelAffix20 - Logo
PeelAffix20 - Logo

PEELAFFIX20, introducing our new revolutionary self-adhesive EPDM waterproofing membrane!

Introducing PEELAFFIX20 the ultimate solution for fast and efficient waterproofing: our cutting-edge system that revolutionizes your project timelines.

With its exceptional adhesion on a wide range of surfaces, our innovative product, PEELAFFIX20, eliminates the need for additional seaming materials, saving you time and resources. Moreover, our environmentally friendly solution is not only respectful of the planet but also minimizes waste by eliminating the requirement for consumables like brushes, rollers, and buckets.

Offering superior elasticity and flexibility, our waterproofing system ensures long-lasting protection, delivering exceptional durability for your projects. Experience the future of waterproofing with our high-performance solution, optimizing your time and delivering outstanding results.




Time Saving

Why use PEELAFFIX20 ?

PeelAffix20 brings a new dimension to the installation of EPDM membranes through a simple, clean and instant application technique thanks to the fact that one of the sides is completely self-adhesive.

Saving application and drying times, also loss of material with traditional adhesives. The self-adhesive face is protected by a film that allows the roll to be presented on the substrate to be covered without sticking.

20 Years Warranty  50 Years Life Expectancy  Time Saving  Self-Adhered  Eco-Friendly  Durable 

PeelAffix20 - Logo

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    PeelAffix20 Bond

    Experience the power of an exceptional adhesive-sealant with PeelAffix Bond. Specifically engineered to effortlessly bond PeelAffix EPDM membranes to one another and a wide range of substrates, this innovative solution is also compatible with other EPDM membranes.

    Designed to impress, PeelAffix Bond showcases a sleek black color that seamlessly integrates into your project. Its remarkable elasticity ensures a secure and resilient bond, providing you with peace of mind and long-lasting durability.

    Say goodbye to worries about harmful solvents or silicones. PeelAffix Bond is proudly formulated to be completely free of these substances, guaranteeing a safe and eco-friendly application.

    Unlock the full potential of your EPDM membrane projects with PeelAffix Bond. Trust in its superior adhesive capabilities and enjoy the convenience of a reliable and versatile solution that exceeds expectations.

    Technical Information Sheet - PEELAFFIX20

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